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Benefits of Forr's Service

Information that is stored on paper is hard to sort and search.  It is easy to misfile, expensive to copy and is usually located somewhere other than where it is needed! Now store the piles of papers stashed around your office and place on it on your computer, network or archive. Information storage and retrieval that once took minutes or even hours is only seconds away...


Forr's is your Solution Provider

Your company is very busy.  A recent mailing or a new catalog release is a big success.  Orders are coming in at a record rate and your staff is working overtime to try to keep up.  But paper work is piling up faster than it can be processed because there is not enough time in the day to enter all of the data. 

•Forr's Operators are all domestic keyers; we do not outsource our data entry overseas
•Our operators are available 7 days a week

•99.5% Accuracy of Verified Data Entry

•American Owned and Operated Service Bureau

•All Data is Captured in the Pennsylvania Office outside Philadelphia

•Quick turnaround of your projects
•No need to hire programmers
•Let Forr's open, sort, batch and code your records
•No need for your company to purchase additional hardware or software, train on software or hire personnel
•Save on business costs
•Have your employees work on tasks they are skilled at instead of having to perform their own entry work
•Our management team is extremely responsive.
•Very short setup time is required
•No minimum on volume (no job too small)
•No surprise or hidden costs

Did you know?
•American business produce over 2.7 billion pieces of paper a day
•The average business document is copied 19 times
•For every 10 printed pages, only 1 is ever consulted
•Only 10% of corporate information lies in a structured database, the other 90% is unmanaged in chaotic file systems
•Professionals spend 15% of their time reading information and 50% of their time looking for it




  • Streamline Operations
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Expedite Form or Order Processing


Today, prudent managers are always looking for ways to streamline operations and reduce costs. Forr's Keypunching and Data Service can help. Because 30-35% of your computer cost is data entry, Forr's can help you reduce expenses and expedite order processing. That not only improves your bottom line, it improves cash flow.


Ready and Able

Whether your requirements are ongoing, seasonal or peak period, or you need fast and responsive help when your computer goes down, Forr's is staffed and equipped to handle your data entry - fast, accurately and cost-effectively.


Outsource and Integrate

Many companies consider implementing a document management system. The technology is appealing and the hopes of increased productivity and saving money is also appealing. You can accomplish imaging goals by either using Forr's as your system integrator or outsourcing to Forr's Imaging facility.


Convert and Access

There is a growing requirement to convert printed data and images to electronic form and there is a need to manage the vast amounts of information in the world and have it easily accessible. This important task of data conversion into a paperless format is a service Forr's has been expert at for over 35 years. Our company can assist you in finding the best way to capture your images for electronic delivery.


Communicate and Satisfy

A project supervisor is available to communicate continuously with customers to ensure accuracy and completeness of job specifications within budget for total customer satisfaction.


Forr's has the Edge

Forr's data capture operators and staff members are highly trained and experienced. All personnel are required to pass a typing test and for some projects an aptitude test is administered. All employees have at least a high school level diploma. Prior to hire, criminal background checks are performed.  Drug testing is also performed prior to hire.  Forr's provides all of the necessary training and guidance in which to process information. Our staff is committed to getting the job done right which gives Forr's an edge over the competition.    

Available 7 days a week to provide quote for your data entry needs.  Contact Forrs at (215) 538-7300

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