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Forr’s understands the importance of data to your organization.  To meet your data capture requirements we provide fast and accurate data capture services.  Outsourcing your company’s data entry needs will reduce your own investment in the hardware and software, technical upkeep and staff employment and training.  Whether you have a relatively small project for data entry or high volume assignment, Forr’s can provide consistent turnaround at much reduced costs to your company.  Services are charged at either hourly clerical rates or per piece.

Data Entry


Forr's has an exceptional combination of specialized data entry software, project specific output scripts, experienced and well-trained data entry operators and proof readers, with the addition of QA checks and controls at various stages of the data processing workflow to give the client the output of 97-99% accuracy.

Because our operators have the capacity to data enter at over 10,000 keystrokes per hour, Forr's can provide reduced data entry fees for your project and provide very quick turnaround.

Our experienced data entry personnel are trained to read hand-written documents while still providing a high level of accuracy. 

Experts in Data Entry

  • Checks in place for Data Validation and Consistency

  • Well Designed and Tested Data Capture Program

  • Well Trained Data Entry Staff

  • Validation Checking and Quality Assurance

  • Field Checks and Edits:  Example Range Edits and Logic Edits

  • ​General Typing and Transcription Services:  Our operators exceed 10,000 keystrokes per hour and on average key over 65 words per minute.  A single page documents can be captured in minutes.

Forms Processing


Document Indexing   -    If you want to introduce more productivity into your document scanning process, or if you need to get incoming documents into your imaging system quickly and accurately, Forr's document indexing software can deliver real benefits:

  • Increase Document Indexing Efficiency 

  • Reduce Time Spent Looking for Documents 

  • Decrease Costs 

  • Increase Data Accuracy

Request a Quote


So that we may provide you an  estimate, please provide as much of the following information as possible: 

Data Entry
• Total number of fields/questions in survey or form.
• Character length of question
• Estimate Volume
• Type of Form
• Sample of form sent via Fax or Email
• Output Format
• Expected Turnaround
• Number of Surveys
• Number of Questions
• Number of Columns
• Output Format (Printed or on Disk)

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