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Remote Entry

Remote capture of data and document images enables complete browser-based scanning and indexing.  Businesses can scan and index documents at the point of origin.  This method can utilize a large work-force at Forrs, reduce shipping and processing costs, improve document processing time, reduce errors and eliminate lost papers. 

Alternative Solution to

                        Traditional Data Entry


Outsourcing your organization's data entry needs via your web portal is a practical option utilizing Forr's staff of trained and experienced remote operators.  Today's technology has made it possible for our operators to log-in from our location to yours in a secure and safe data environment.  With quality driven services, customer satisfaction and exceptionally fast typing, Forrs can reduce your costs and get the project done in a timely fashion.

By hiring and utilizing Forr's remote capture service, your company can benefit from reduced operational costs and improved efficiency with your company's time and resources.

All data and information remains secure and confidential.

Forr's Remote Entry Experience


Forr's has vast experience working with customer data portals. Login credentials are provided to each Forr's employee.  As soon as the material is uploaded to the customer's web portal, Forr's processors immediately login to data capture from image or paper.  Real-time results are provided. 

Forr's provides remote entry services to a wide range of clients including business segments, financial companies, private and government agencies.  Forr's has provided services to the following organization and document types:

  • AES PHEAA Grants for Pennsylvania Students
  • Harriet Carter Catalog Order Forms
  • Title Forms
  • Tuition Forms
  • Pharmaceutical Forms
  • Inventory and Sales Slips via SalesForce
  • Payroll Processing
  • Invoice Processing
  • Medical Claims
  • Loan Application Processing
  • Opinion Research and Survey Processing

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