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Specialists in Survey Entry

If your survey or questionnaire has open-ended questions or 'Other' Specify responses, we can offer coding services and also key the information verbatim.  Our data entry services will provide accurate, verified data in a format of your choice keyed from paper or image.

Forr's Keypunching and Data Services has 30 years of experience in survey data entry and market research studies.  Forr's provides survey management, data management, data processing and tabulation services. 

We have the ability to data capture your firm's survey by paper or image.  We can enter information directly into your web-based portal system.  We can also combine results from our heads-down data capture combined with your online data capture and provide tabulated results.

We are considered experts in the field of research and surveys:

  • Market Research:  We can process online and mail surveys.  Open-ended, closed-ended and verbatim entry. 
  • Employee Feedback Surveys:  Including employee opinion studies, satisfaction surveys, human resource forms.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys:  We can process online or mail surveys of customer feedback programs.

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