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Typing and Transcription Services

Forr’s offers exceptional typing services at affordable rates due to the quickness of the data capture.  Our team of typing experts offer the highest degree of accuracy.  We can provide quick turnaround and fulfill your deadlines with 100% satisfaction.  Whether your source document is from paper, PDF, or other image based formats, we can convert your handwritten or machine printed document into multiple format options. 

Typing Service


Forr's can data capture the raw data and format it to your individual specifications.  We can convert your hard-copy document or image based source document and provide a digital file that can duplicate the original in style and format.  Data is also provided to you in the raw format so that you can re-use, manipulate and massage for future documentation.

Experts in Typing

  • General Typing and Transcription Services:  Our operators exceed 10,000 keystrokes per hour and on average key over 65 words per minute.  A single page documents can be captured in minutes.
  • Source Document:  Forr's can work from paper and multiple source documents.  Because all of our operators work from dual screens, we can type directly from the image file allowing operators to zoom and for full clarity and readabilty.
  • Formatting:  Upon typing of the raw data, documents are formatted per your specifications.  Through desktop publishing expertise, we can return the document to closely resemble the original in format and style.
  • Accuracy:  If the source document provided is fully legible and machine printed, Forr's can guarantee 99% accuracy;  verified and proof-read.
  • Privacy/Confidentiality:  Forr's values and understands the importance of privacy and confidentiality. All of Forr's staff is current on security requirements and sign a confidentiality form which we can provide to you upon project start. 
  • Turnaround: Forr's does not miss project deadlines.  Deadline Parameters are set at the start of the project.  Forr's has the capability to provide same day  turnaround on projects.

Document Types


Document Indexing   -    If you want to introduce more productivity into your document scanning process, or if you need to get incoming documents into your imaging system quickly and accurately, Forr's document indexing software can deliver real benefits:

  • Manuals
  • Books
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Reports
  • Handwritten
  • Machine Printed
  • Transcripts
  • Manuscripts
  • Screenplays
  • Agreements
  • Business Letters and Correspondence
  • Contracts
  • Depositions
  • Briefs
  • Case Pleadings
  • Thesis Papers
  • Term Papers
  • Class Notes
  • Desktop Publishing


Request a Quote


So that we may provide you an  estimate, please provide as much of the following information as possible: 

Data Entry
• Total number of fields/questions in survey or form.
• Character length of question
• Estimate Volume
• Type of Form
• Sample of form sent via Fax or Email
• Output Format
• Expected Turnaround
• Number of Surveys
• Number of Questions
• Number of Columns
• Output Format (Printed or on Disk)

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