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FORRS:  A Solution Provider.


Forr's Keypunching Service is a Data Entry and Data Processing Service Provider located in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Forr's specializes in accurate high-speed, heads-down data entry from paper and electronic source documents.

Forr's Keypunching was established in 1977.

Data Entry Database  PCI Compliant Service Provider Document Conversion



Keypunching is a type of coding where a Keypunch Operator enters data into a computer by using a keyboard or a keypad.  In the era before computers, Keypunch referred to a device used to punch holes into punch cards which contained data to be processed.  Forr's began it's service on IBM Keypunch data recorders but has evolved to direct digital data entry with the ability to process data to many file and data types.  The tradition of Keypunch remains as the foundation of our business which includes double key verification.  The data is re-keyed a second time to produce the highest level of accuracy.  Forr's also continues to use the card punch style keyboard.  The operator's fingers never leave the home row because the numeric characters are embedded in the alpha keys. This specialized keyboard allows for the capturing of accurate data at very high speeds.  This high speed form of entry allows Forr's to maximize production, maximize project turnaround and provide cost-effective record rates.

Benefits of Forr's Services:

Convert all of your paper to digital format with the added benefit of the following service features:

  • American Owned and Operated
  • All data is handled at our Pennsylvania office located 30 miles north of Philadelphia
  • Over 35 years experience in the Industry
  • Forr's data entry operators are available 7 days
  • Quick turnaround time for your projects
  • Depending on scope of project, ability for same day turnaround
  • 99.5% Accuracy of Verified Data Entry
  • No need to hire programmers, purchase additional hardware, train on software or hire entry personnel.  Your employees can perform the tasks they are skilled at instead of having to do their own entry.
  • Minimize your own need for office staff and save on business costs such as labor, fees, rent, utility and maintenance.
  • Forr's can take paper documents from start to finish:  open envelopes, sort, batch, code records
  • Distribution of corporate information easily and quickly
  • Store, Retrieve, Update and Share Documents and Data
  • Forr's can manage your projects and your data with ease, skill and a high degree of quality

Forr's staff can turn your paper documents or electronic source documents to searchable, digital database format allowing for the documents to have life on the Web, your company's network or maintained in a database environment.  Paper can easily be converted to many types of file formats including .dbf, .txt, .tif, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .doc, .xml, .html, .pdf, etc.  Data can be returned in flat ASCII format or with delimiters.

With the reliable global shipping companies, Forr's can ship and receive documents safely and dependably.  Forr's will transmit data electronically, through a safe and secure site allowing data to be returned the same day as receiving the documents.

If your company is local or in the Philadelphia area, we offer a courier service for immediate pickup and delivery of your paper documents.

Dependable Services, High Quality, Fast Turnaround and Reasonable Prices

Forr's Keypunching has been in business for over 35 years because of it's many strengths which include providing accurate and cost effective data to our customers. All work is done by highly qualified operators in our Pennsylvania office.

Forr's utilizes internal quality controls including site check, verification processes and program and check edits. All work that passes through our doors is held in strict confidence.

We offer a pickup and delivery service every day of the week if your location is within 30 miles of our Montgomery County office. Otherwise the major shipping companies are at our office daily.

Forr's Mission is to provide a high level of quality and to meet the needs of our clients. We do this with better customer service that is reliable, dependable, fast and accurate.

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