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Forr's Keypunching provides Service and Support in the form of Data Entry and Data Processing to many industries including Education, Government, Insurance, Financial, Medical, Manufacturing, Retail, Marketing, and General Business. 

Forr's has been in business for over 35 years because of it's many strength which include providing accurate and cost effective data entry to our customers with the highest degree of customer support and dedication to service.  All work is done by our highly qualified data entry operators in our Pennsylvania office.  Forr's does not outsource any project.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from Forr's data capture and data processing services.  It can reduce costs and improve customer response time.

Insurance Surveys Marketing Market Research Claim Forms


Insurance companies use Forr's services to scan and data capture and process insurance claim forms, insurance policies and other industry related documents.  Because claim processing is one of the key areas where insurance companies are measured for customer service, Forr's can improve your company's processing efficiency translating into better customer service.

  •  Claims Processing Data Entry
  •  Accounts Receivable Data Entry
  • Check Processing
  • Invoice Data Entry
  • Pay Stub Data Entry
  • Remittance Data Entry
Medical Document Processing New York New Jersey Philadelphia Boston Pennsylvania

Medical and Healthcare

Forr's can provide Medical Document Processing Solutions.  Forr's can assist in capturing and processing a wide variety of medical documents including claims, lab tests, drug registration forms, pharmaceutical rep sale's records.

  •  Claims Processing Data Entry
  • Paper to Paperless Forms
  • Direct Data Entry
  • Key from Image and OCR
  •  Billing Data Entry
Medical Document Processing New York New Jersey Philadelphia Boston Pennsylvania


Content digitization services to convert paper publications to electronic publications.

  •  Digital Conversion Services
  • Database Build
  • Indexing
  • Proofreading
  • Web Scraping
  • Direct Data Entry​
  • Key from Image
  • OCR
  • PDF Conversion
  • Tagging
  • CML
  • ​eBook Publishing
Finance Banking Accuracy Verification Mortgage Loans Data Processing


Forr's can provide Financial Service Solutions and increase efficiency and accuracy.  Forr's can offer data entry service support to collect account payables, mortgage loan application data capture, proxy statement processing, account statement scanning and indexing, check processing and more.

  • Finance and Accounting data processing
  • Loan Data Entry and Scanning Services
  •  Document Archiving
  • Secure
  •  Check Data Entry and data processing
  • Direct Data Entry
  • Key from Image
  • OCR
  • Secure Data Transfers
Seattle Washington Portland Market Research Los Angeles San Francisco California Austin Dallas Texas

Market Research

Marketing and Opinion Research with form and survey data capture.  Use Forr's for a wide variety of marketing services including opinion and market research questionnaires and survey processing.  We can also assist in subscription form processing.

  •  Paper Survey Data Entry
  • Online Survey Data Entry
  • Report Tabulation and Data Analysis
  • Coding
  • Database Integration

Medical Document Processing New York New Jersey Philadelphia Boston Pennsylvania

Data Entry and Data Administration Services for Small and Large General Business Applications.

  •  General Business archives and data conversions
  • Document Imaging
  • Indexing
  • Secure Storage
  •  Data Entry Accounts Receivables
  • Data Entry Invoices
  • Data Entry Payroll

Retail / Commercial / Manufacturing

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