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The word 'data' is defined as an organized collection of information that can be retrieved and used.  Forr's can help your company give meaning to your data by capturing your paper or electronic source information and create a database for ease of search, sort, and retrieval of your data.  Forr's can process your data to your project specifications.  We manage the projects and the personnel who are trained specific to your project.


Forr's understands the importance of data to your organization. To meet your data capture requirements, we provide fast and accurate data entry services.  Outsourcing your company's data entry needs to Forr's will reduce your own investment in the hardware, software, technical upkeep and staff employment and training.  Whether you have a relatively small assignment for data entry or a high volume project, Forr's Keypunching can provide consistent turnaround and quality at much reduced costs to your company.

Imagine storing piles of paper around your desk into your computer.  Forr's can easily convert your documents using manual entry, scanning and imaging technology.  Information storage and retrieval that once took minutes or even hours is now only seconds away.  Now imagine all the time, space and money your company can save.

The workflow processes put into place for data entry include specialized software, experienced operators, skilled programmers, detail oriented proof readers and organized, task-oriented project managers.  Forr's have quality assurance checks at various stages of workflow to provide for highly accurate data output.  We monitor operator statistics throughout the day to ensure the project remains on schedule and will me will meet your deadline requirements.

Bring paper to life on the Web or on your office network.  Forr's Imaging Service specializes in PDF Conversion projects.  We are experts in digital publishing.  Turn hardcopy books, manuals, magazines and any other paper volume to an exact electronic version that you can view, print, distribute, annotate and search.

  • Creation of TIFF or PDF Image Files
  • Bitonal, Grayscale, RGB Color
  • 200, 300, 600 DPI Enhanced

Forr's can provide tabulation services for market research.  Our staff can provide professional cross tabulation results and distribution reports.  Tabulations include statistical, summary and special tables for trend tracking.

Choose forms processing and document indexing if you want to introduce more productivity into your document scanning process or if you need to take backfile documents or current documents into your imaging system quickly and accurately. 

Forr's has the technology and the experienced operators to provide you and your project with browser based remote data entry. 

Your office can scan documents at your own physical location and have the documents indexed and data captured via browser based index system at Forr's.  This can allow businesses to utilize an experienced workforce at Forr's, reduce shipping and processing costs, improve document processing time, reduce errors and eliminate lost papers.

Forr's highly trained technical consultants are capable of analyzing, suggesting, and implementing solutions to increase your business potential by maximizing the effectiveness of your equipment, your data entry software and your operators. 

Forr's offers a wide range of consulting services:

  • Requirements analysis for backfile or day-forward document processing
  • Data Conversion Consulting
  • Data Entry Consulting
  • Systems Recommendations
  • Logistics, planning and implementation of data processes

Forr's will help to give meaning to your office data by data capturing your information paper or image and also by creating databases by coding and  indexing the records.  Skilled programmers will create a template according to your project specifications and allow for basic object data collection of your document sets.

Basic Coding Fields may include

  • Date of Document
  • Author
  • Recipient
  • Document Type
  • Title
  • Box/Batch#
  • Source
  • Rights/Privileges
  • Summary
  • Full-Text Capture

Beyond data entry, Forr's can provide full services to minimize your worries and maximize your results. 

If your office is local to our Bucks County, Pennsylvania office, we can provide a courier service to pickup and / or deliver the product. 

Forr's can open and sort large volumes of documents and envelopes.  Contact lists can be data entered at our office and mailings generated from the list.  Forr's will print form letters, provide mail merges, generate labels, stuff envelopes and mail your final document.

Document Management and Document Publication (WEB) Portals are HTML based front ends for managing and interacting with information rich digital documents.  Forr's can provide you with tools and the direction to get all of your paper based information into a web portal and supply you with powerful tools to find what you are looking for, instantly. 

Our Paper to Web is a document search and retrieval tool to find, query, display, navigate, copy, save, send and print your digital content.

Data Processing is the input, verification, organization, storage, retrieval, transformation and extraction of information.  Forr's is considered an expert in the field of data processing. 

Forr's has the ability to convert electronic data from one format to another.  A team of technicians and consultants will evaluate your conversion project to determine the steps necessary.  Data can be converted to PDF, DOC, HTML, XML, XLS, TXT or any other generic word processing format.  Forr's can take your paper documents, capture the text and graphic pieces and convert to multiple file formats.  Data can be delivered via email, FTP, CD.

High volume discounts for record entry including contact lists, surveys, and petition data.

high volume discounts

​Forr's are the specialists in survey entry.  Whether it is a market research study, a bio-statistical study, educational study, long-term medical or pharmaceutical study or general study.  Forr's vast amount of experience and skill can make the process manageable for your company.

If your survey has open-ended questions, we can offer coding options or data capture verbatim.  

Surveys can be sent directly from your respondents to our Milford Square PO Box.

full service 


Available 7 days a week to provide quote for your data entry needs.  Contact Forrs at (215) 538-7300

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